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What makes them so good?

The Biggest Sports Mismatch Ever: 222-0by James Crawford16 months ago

1916 Georgia Tech/Cumberland Game a Case Study in Revenge

11 Teams Looking To Take That Next Stepby Corey Martin3 weeks ago

We already think that these teams should compete for championships: Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio State and LSU. Still, the tigers have plenty of questions to answer moving forward.

Top 10 Largest College Football Stadiumsby Pencho Marinov3 years ago

This is the list of the Top 10 College Football Stadiums!

Auburn Football: Keys to Upsetting Clemsonby Gavin Thagard3 weeks ago

Can Auburn beat Clemson in week 1? Let’s take a look at what they have going for them.

Who Is The Greatest College Quarterback of All Time?by MikeBig2 years ago

There is much debate on who is the greatest quarterback to touch the college gridiron. But who will be taking that next step to contend.

2015 College Football Preview: The SECby Michael Nolan12 months ago

Finishing my look at the Power Five Conferences in 2015 with a look at the Southeastern Conference

Six Keys to University of Wisconsin Badgers Football Success Todayby Paul Richard Kuehn7 months ago

Recruiting, excellent coaching, an excellent line and skill players have all played a big part in the recent success of the University of Wisconsin Badgers football program.

The College Football Bowl Season and the Bully that is ESPNby Larry Rankin8 months ago

The following article analyzes the stranglehold that ESPN currently has on the college football bowl season.

Ohio State University, Harley Field and Chic Harley Stadiumby Patty Inglish11 days ago

Opened in 1922, Ohio Stadium was built because OSU running back Chic Harley drew such large crowds to the old, small Ohio Field, that they needed a larger place to play!. Questions The Auburn Tigers Have To Answer Against Arkansas Stateby Gavin Thagard17 hours ago

Auburn is coming off a loss to Clemson, but they played a competetive game

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